no but really.

what if supernatural ends with Castiel turning bad.

Tired of the Winchesters trying to stop him, it ends in a battle. A fight between the boys and the angel, who were at one point the best of friends- family.

We all know Sam just isnt Sam anymore- he’s broken. Castiel knows this and uses it against him.

Castiel kills Sam.

And Dean has only had one job- protect his little brother . So after a continued long battle, Dean kills Castiel.

He will realize he has no one. No family, no friends. Everyone is gone.

After the bottles of liquor doesn’t help, Dean, drunken and numb, climbs into the Impala. His only happy ending was to see Sam grow old. But that ending is gone now.

In the last frame we see Dean, sitting in the drivers seat of the Impala, polishing the gun he’d used since the beginning.

I’ve failed everyone I care about.

After all, Dean always said he’d die with a gun in his hand. 

I didn’t actually think it was possible to be this sad


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